• Doing direct and regular transportation is our everyday activity and presumes using in an efficient mode all of our company and our collaborators resources.
  • In the field of expeditions and contractual logistics we adopt a strategy based on advantages of collaborating and interconnecting in the supply chain in which the needs of capacity, localization and promptitude of transport are fully covered.
  • Through the advantages created from utilizing the services of expedition offices, like: shortening the time and effort to find the best transportation means through which the goods are transported and delivered on time, without the hassle, piles of paperwork and completing endless forms, knowing the best and the fastest routes, already having experience, knowing the logistic chain of supply, Nividama facilitates the unreel of goods in the best price conditions, efficiency and safety, so the client can continue his activity in the commercial field, concentrating on his company development.
  • Another advantage is organizing the expedition of merchandise in groupage regime, reducing the costs for clients by paying only the place for the transported goods and not the whole truck.
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