Despre Noi

SC NIVIDAMA SRL is a comapny active on the transport of goods market since 1999, presently having a personal auto park and a shipping house, realizing in 2014 a business figure of 3,600,000 RON. The intern an international transport company situated in Harghita county, Sărmaș area, owns an auto park formed from 8 trucks, a warehouse with area of 1000 square meters. As a solution of safety, and quality guarantee, we have a team of auto mechanics specialized to intervene in any place or any situation offering instant service for any technical problem, without tempering with the arrival time of the merchandise. The department of expedition with their transportation coordinators which are highly trained and prepared to communicate with our intern and international clients in their own language, offer services of high value. Because we know that in transport, the most valuable factor is time, and time means money, we strangle to arrive as fast as possible at the destination. Another asset that our company owns is the sense of responsibility regarding the merchandise we carry. Our company has signed a contract for goods assurance that is worth 30.000 euros for internal route and another of 100.000 euros for external route, extra, the coasting insurance is worth 1 million euros. Our trucks are in perfect working condition, with all the revisions to day and are properly equipped with corner plates, antiskid mats, tie bands to assure the goods, and are covered with tarp facilitating loading from top, with the crane or from the side. The same time, the localization and GPS system, offers you the possibility to keep track of your merchandise, inspiring trust and safety all along the way. The interface between the company and the client is managed by the employees. That’s why our company’s employees are carefully picked, so, in the relations with the client to show proof of respect, responsibility, seriousness and professionalism regarding the tasks that they have to achieve inside the company. If you want your goods to be transported in optimal conditions, and the cargo to be safe delivered from a qualitative and quantitative stand point, respecting the schedule, reach out with confidence to S.C NIVIDAMA S.R.L transport services. And because our motto is “a satisfied client is a happy client”, we will always find solutions to achieve the requests bound to your cargo transport.